Crowd Density & Flow Detection for Safety and Security
Traffic Control and Management
Multiple Object Detection for Safeguarding Assets
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People & Object Video Analytics


People Counting

People Attributes

Facial Recognition

Intruder Alert

Abandoned Bag Detection

Fire Detection

Camera Tampering Detection

and more …

Vehicle Video Analytics


Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Classification

Vehicle Attributes

Vehicle Flow & Direction Detection

Traffic Jam Detection

License Plate Recognition

Illegal Parking

and more …



Using XJERA LABS’ revolutionary deep learning framework, our VA solutions operate in diverse environments and challenging weather, providing consistent and high accuracy rate for people, objects and vehicles detection.


Our algorithm is designed for hardware optimisation, that allows analytics of more HD video streams within a server installed with GPUs, hence, significantly reduce processing power for cost efficient deployments.


Our unique software architecture supports large scale deployments of more than 1,000 video channels for analytics, providing alerts that will enhance situation awareness in any command centre for swift decision making and incident response.


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The use of Video Analytics can significantly improve public safety and security and in many ways, such as detect possible malicious threats, prevent overcrowding, ease traffic congestion, efficient optimization of law enforcement.

XJERA LABS’ XTransport Video Analytics are deployed to provide analytics for road infrastructure planning, improved safety and ease traffic congestion at drop-off and pick-up zones of critical facilities and malls.

Video Analytics is no longer a luxury, but an essential requirement in building and facility management. Video Analytics can help facility mangers in areas of security, maintenance and beyond.

Due to the large number of people passing through an airport daily, early detection of suspicious activities plays a crucial role in protecting against malicious threats and maintaining high levels of public safety and security.

Our Story

Established in 2013, XJERA LABS is a Singapore based emerging market leader of Artificial Intelligence and video analytics solutions in Singapore and Asia.

Our video analytics solutions provide real-time, accurate and actionable insights for round-the-clock monitoring and detection. We have received recognition by numerous government agencies in Singapore.  This includes the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), where we won first place in the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) Inaugural Video Analytics Challenge 2015.  In 2017, we came in first during the Singapore Airport Video Analytics Challenge. 

We have obtained Singapore Government Supply Head S9 for EPU/CMP/10 – Computer Related Hardware, Software, and Services, EPU/SER/33 – Service (Survey), and EPU/SER/34 – Service (Consultant), which means that we have proven our ability to provide our products and services for bigger deployment. 

This, as well as winning other iconic projects, has marked XJERA LABS as a highly accredited company in the smart city domain.

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