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Founded in December 2013 in Singapore, Xjera Labs Pte Ltd focuses on developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Image and Video Analytics (VA) solutions for various commercial applications, with proven accuracy, high-level customization and robust security.

Our projects involves providing VA services to a local theme park, a chain of sushi restaurants, logictics companies, shopping malls, government agencies and etc. Xjera Labs was awarded the i.JAM Funding Scheme by MDA Singapore to develop Video Content Analytics (VCA) for the mobile platforms (e.g. Android). The company has also been awarded a Proof-of-Concept (POC) project by the Institute of Mental Health to carry out a 6-month trial for monitoring the behaviour of its patients and provide alerts to nurses when detecting an event (e.g. patients falling down, waving hands).

In the IDA inaugural Video Analytics Challenge 2015, Xjera Labs outperformed 10 other teams and achieved the 1st place in this tech challenge.

Xjera Labs has been collaborating with Nvidia and IMDA Singapore to use GPU for deploying Deep Learning techniques to enhance the accuracy and performance of video analytics.


Our VA solution is invulnerable to various environments, such as shadows and reflections, shaking of cameras, over-exposed night conditions, low video resolution. As a result, our solutions constantly achieve over 90% accuracy.


We provide customized video analytics to our customers who have very specific and high performance requirements that off-the-shelf products are not able to meet.


Our solution guarantees high level security. Users don't have to worry about the leakage of important video data, analytics results and etc.

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People and Vehicle Counting

People and Vehicle Tracking

Intrusion Detection

Asset Protection

and many more ...

Retail & Hospitality

People Counting & Attributes

Face Recognition

Crowd Movement & Heatmap

Behaviour Analytics

and many more ...

Transport & Logistics

Traffic Incident Detection

Traffic Control and Management

Traffic Police Evidence Collection

License Plate Recognition

and many more ...


Fall Detection

Waving Detection

Hanging Detection

Elderly Monitoring

and many more ...

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People Counting

Attributes Detection

Facial Expression

Event Detection for People & Vehicles



People of Interest Tracking

Face Recognition

Vehicle of Interest Tracking

Face Verification



Vehicle Counting & Classification

License Plate Recognition

Access Control

Intelligent Traffic Management


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02 May 2017

The ease of scalability and reconfigurability of the Tesla P4, with the added benefit of NVIDIA’s GPU support of a multitude of Deep Learning frameworks, gives Xjera Labs the flexibility that we need to not only differentiate ourself from the competition, but also the flexibility and possibility to do more with our Intelligent Video Analytic A.I.

April 2017

Video analytics is the perfect demonstration of the value of edge computing, as processing video near the camera eliminates the need to transfer large amounts of video data into the data center or cloud, reduces bandwidth costs, greatly accelerates reaction time, and lowers risk of corruption or espionage.

06 July 2017

Huawei has signed individual MoUs with five enterprises, committing the parties to joint development of public safety solutions at Huawei’s Singapore OpenLab. In the area of video cloud, Huawei has established new partnerships with Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi), IPSOTEK, and Xjera Labs.

11 May 2017

"If the police want to find someone, then they want a very fast response. With our system, we are constantly doing facial indexing in real-time on CCTV camera footage. The footage is uploaded to the cloud by our customers and we process the data," Xjera Labs' founder and CTO Ethan Chu told IBTimesUK at the Innovfest Unbound 2017 event in Singapore.

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