City Security & Safety

The use of Video Analytics can significantly improve public safety and security and in many ways, such as detect possible malicious threats, prevent overcrowding, ease traffic congestion, efficient optimization of law enforcement and emergency services personnel and improve incident investigation and resolution time by using analysed videos as forensic evidence.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) used our traffic statistics system to analyse the traffic of government house lawn area during the SG50 event.  The analytics results were constantly achieved at an accuracy level of above 95%.


XJERA LABS’ XTransport Video Analytics are deployed to provide analytics for road infrastructure planning, improved safety and ease traffic congestion at drop-off and pick-up zones of critical facilities and malls.

XTransport provides vehicle types identification such as cars, trucks, construction vehicles, vans, motobikes, bicycles and personable mobility devices (PMD).  It is also deployed to monitor and detect traffic conditions such as illegal parking, traffic jam and traffic flow, perfect for high density areas.


TrafficSight provides an opportunity for more users to leverage on the capabilities of XTransport, to collect accurate traffic data using their own mordern-day camera even under challenging environment condition.
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Building Management

Video Analytics is no longer a luxury, but an essential requirement in building and facility management.  Video Analytics can help facility mangers in areas of security, maintenance and beyond. Analytics footages/results from facial recognition, automated fire detection, license plate recognition, intruder alert and abandoned bag, etc, can serve as important records for liability protection.

Facility managers today are taking on more responsibilities yet expected to keeping costs low, XJERA LABS’ XIntelligence and XTransport can be deployed to provide real-time remote monitoring which increase productivity and reduce manpower costs.  In addition, with the Command Centre receiving incident alerts detailing the exact location of an incident, security personnel can be dispatched swiftly on site, thus, improving building security and tenants’ satisfaction.

Building operators can reduce costs by using our Video Analytics capabilities such as CCTV tempering detection, dirty camera lens detection, people count and heat map, etc, to adopt an on-demand approach to cleaning and maintenance.  Further cost savings in energy utilization are made possible through analytics of zone/room occupancy rate.


Due to the large number of people passing through an airport daily, early detection of suspicious activities plays a crucial role in protecting against malicious threats and maintaining high levels of public safety and security.  Our video analytics assists security team to detect, track and search marked individuals and allows these invaluable data for intelligence sharing amongst agencies.

XJERA LABS’ XIntelligence and XTransport can be deployed to provide real-time, 24/7, remote monitoring to reduce human error and improve response time from automated alerts to action.  

Our comprehensive portfolio of video analytics features can be deployed in both landside and airside operations.  Some of our video analytics functions include detection of abandoned bags, crowd congestion, reverse movement through checkpoints, abnormal behaviour, incipient fire, illegal parking, vehicle dwell time and license plate recognition, etc.

In 2017, we came in 1st in the Singapore Changi Airport Video Analytics Challenge.  Since then, we have deployed our video analytics solutions in Changi Airport, including the latest Jewel Changi Airport.

APRONSIGHT is a neural network system that automatically generates reliable and unbiased timestamps in real time for key operations in tarmac turnover activity.

It is suitable for any visually recognizable event such as covered bridge docking, ground power connection, aircraft catering in place, boarding and many more critical activities.

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