Turning Movement Count and Vehicle Classification

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10 Jan, 2022

Taking the time to learn and understand the existing condition of any study area is the first step to any future planning or improvement, be it physical infrastructure expansion, traffic signal design / optimization, or reclaiming of road space for active mobility.

By uploading video footages of desired traffic movements on to our platform, TrafficSight™ lets users analyze the traffic flow within the study area, empowering them to make informed planning decisions. TrafficSight™ tracks and categorizes the movements of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists using distinct characteristics associated with each moving article. TrafficSight™ currently supports 6 key vehicular classification that can be adopted globally and 2 unique classifications for data collection in Singapore.

We understand that each regions have different classification requirements. Therefore, our team is open to exploring more specific classifications to match the needs of our users.

Do contact our team directly via email if you have such requirements. Our team looks forward to bringing you more accurate and relevant traffic data to suit your business operations.

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Published by Henry NG
Business Development Manager and Senior Traffic Consultant at Xjera Labs.

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