Classified Count Under Wet Weather Condition

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11 Feb, 2022

The effect of rain and other inclemental weather condition have always been a concern for the application of computer vision / video analytics. High intensity of rainfall can quickly reduce the field of vision of the camera, raindrops can blur out, distort, and create noise around the footage captured.

XJERA LABS have developed a revolutionary deep learning framework that allow our artificial intelligence video analytic solution to detect vehicles, pedestrian, and cyclist despite the noise created by such condition.

TrafficSight™ have consistently achieve a performance of above 90% even under this challenging condition. This enable data collection to be conducted regardless of the weather condition allowing transportation planners, agencies, and authorities to understand the changes in travel and driver behavior. This also provide an operation benefit for survey companies as they do not need to deploy their surveyors out in the open during such inclement weather.

Our solution continues to improve and learn with every video processed. The combination of the robust capability of TrafficSight and support from our expert team, ensure that quality and accurate data collected to fulfil the needs of our clients / users.

Do contact our team directly via email for more information and trials of our solution.

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Published by Henry NG
Business Development Manager and Senior Traffic Consultant at Xjera Labs.

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