License Plate Recognition Under Various Condition

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23 Feb, 2022

License plate recognition (LPR) are commonly used in law enforcement and toll collection across the world. LPR provides the Singapore’s Electronic Road Pricing System (ERP) with an additional method of identifying vehicles, ensuring the enforcement of road pricing is strictly enforced.

Beyond enforcement, LPR can also be used for carpark management, especially in gantry less applications, where entry / exit vehicles are identified automatically by video analytics allowing a contactless and seamless transaction of parking fees via an integrated payment system. The data collected can also be used to better understand the utilization and occupancy of the carpark at real time. The data allows developers / owners to optimize the carpark space for alternatives such as Electric Vehicle charging stations, commercial retail space or green corridors.

Ad-hoc LPR surveys can also be conducted across multiple location within a project boundary to provide a deeper understanding of the origin, destination, and journey time of vehicular traffic. By incorporating these data, traffic modelers can produce more accurate simulations to forecast and anticipate road network changes.

LPR is one of many AI Video Analytics solutions offered by Xjera lab TrafficSight™, capable of highly accurate data even under challenging condition as shown in the video below. Our solution has been implemented in various carparks across Singapore for Housing Development Board and Changi Airport Group.

Our expert team is familiar with the setup process and would be able to facilitate our clients / users to ensure that quality and accurate data are collected to fulfil their needs.

Kindly provide us with your contact details in the form below and our team will follow-up with you for further discussion regarding of our LPR solutions.

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Published by Henry NG
Business Development Manager and Senior Traffic Consultant at Xjera Labs.

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