XAUTOMATE New Generation AI Automation System
Designed for the Manufacturing Industry
Achieve Production of high Quality and Consistency


XAutomate is a new generation AI-based automation system that is designed to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. It incorporates advanced camera systems, AI visual systems and electrical-mechanical execution systems into an integrated system that enables enhanced precision and efficiency throughout the entire manufacturing process.

With our technology, inspection and measurement are conducted throughout the production process ensuring a high level of quality and consistency. Anomalies and defective products are identified with advanced camera technology and AI visual detection which automatically triggers the electrical-mechanical execution systems to perform necessary follow-up actions, such as removing defective products from the production line.

XAutomate is user-friendly and easy to operate, making it the perfect solution for any manufacturing company looking to take their manufacturing operations to the next level.



Reduce Reliance on Manual Labor

The use of automatic optimal inspection have resulted in a reduction of manual quality inspectors along the production line by more than 80%. This also help to reduce the concerns over the training and recruitment of these inspectors. The electrical-mechanical execution systems replace manual labour which help to reducing human error and workplace hazards.

Increase Product Yield

With high-speed detection and measurement, of up to 10 pieces per minute, XAutomate improve production capacity by more than 4 times as compared to traditional manual quality inspection. In some cases, the production yield has increased by more than 99.9%, allowing our user to be ahead of their competitors.

Enable 24/7 Unmanned Inspection and Operations

With XAutomate 's automatic detection and the follow-up from the electrical-mechanical execution systems, operation can be conducted 24/7, reducing downtime and maximizing production yield

Improve Yield Quality

By detecting the slightest defect, XAutomate ensures the highest quality standards are maintained.

Reduce Return / Exchange Rates

High-quality yield have reduced customer complaint rate by more than 60%. This greatly reduced the cost incurred from return and exchange operations.

Optimize Operation Cost

All inspections are recorded in real-time while providing alerts on defect detection across various section of the production line. Problems that arises are promptly flagged out, allowing for immediate troubleshooting and minimizing downtime. XAutomate provides imrpoved traceability and accountability, allowing for production line process optimization through root cause analysis.

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